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Stealth Assessment as a Recruitment Tool

One method that is gaining momentum is “stealth assessment”. Of course, we are not talking about a ninja’s assessment, but what is stealth assessment actually? With this term, we usually refer to an innovative assessment for students that measures and supports learning in video games. According to the Professor of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems […]

HR Trends: Traditional Candidate Assessment vs. Game-based Assessments

It’s time to switch things up! Up until today, traditional psychometric tests for candidates’ haven’t changed in the slightest. Those willing to be ahead of their time already shifted to the state-of-the-art candidate game-based assessments. As an alternative for multiple choice psychometric test, more and more employers tend to shift to fun video-games. Don’t get mislead though, apart from being fun; […]

What are the changes brought in the workplace by Millennials?

“Millennials” is a term invented by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1987 and initially it referred to those who would graduate from high school in the year 2000 (therefore, they wore born in 1982). Later on, in 1993, the term “Generation Y” appeared in an Ad Age editorial and referred to the demographic […]