On behalf of everyone at Owiwi, we wanted to share an important update with you on how we are addressing the challenges of the pandemic caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) which continues to evolve and cause disruptions in our day to day life. 

Most important of all, we urge each and everyone one to remain calm and rational during this difficult time. It is critical that we work together and do our part by taking all the necessary precautions to reduce the spread of this pandemic.

We understand that the present situation has disrupted many of your procedures, projects and workflows; however it is important that we adjust to the current circumstances as quickly as possible so that operational efficiency is not stifled further and to ensure the continued performance once the crisis blows over.

Based on the above, Owiwi has devised a comprehensive plan to ensure the highest level of security, uptime, resiliency, and availability for all of our user base. Being able to respond quickly to volatile situations like the COVID-19 epidemic while maintaining uninterrupted service is a big part of Owiwi’s promise and our commitment to our customers. 

As Owiwi and the rest of the world embraces remote work policies, we have decided to help you streamline your workflow to help you carry on in the face of adversity, by:

1.Introducing an extended Free Version of our product so that your recruitment needs are not disrupted further. Thus, our Free Trial will now provide you with 10 Assessments (instead of 5) over a period of 15 Days (instead of 10) – to help HR managers and business owners continue their operations uninterrupted. 

2.Creating a new Tier Package at a heavily discounted rate to help alleviate some of the burden HR managers and business owners are experiencing in their talent pipelines. 

owiwi remote work

*This offer will remain valid for 4 Months and will be revised based on the developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Moreover we have deployed an online payment system to remove any complexities and hassles to your assessment needs and to cater to your recruitment needs in a more flexible manner. 

Click Here to claim the free offer!

We understand that this can be a very difficult time within your teams and communities; that is why we are committed to share our expertise and knowledge with you by sharing useful and practical content that can empower your company’s greatest assets, your employee’s – at this most difficult hour. Stay tuned for more updates on how to combat low employee morale, decreased resilience and diminished productivity!

If Owiwi can assist you in any other way on your business operations and how to handle the crisis – please feel free to contact us! Our team of expert consultants will be more than happy to help!

We hope this virus will be contained soon and that life resumes normally for all of us. 

Please stay safe and we wish you and your families the best and encourage you to stay vigilant in this challenging time.

With respect,
Owiwi Management