What do Plato, the Yoruba Tribe and Owiwi have in common?

Well, we all believe in the mantra of learning through play.

As our kinsfolk Plato once said, you can learn more about a person in an hour of play, than a whole year of conversation…And truer words were never spoken.

Yet Plato was not the only pioneer in that regard. You see, the Yoruba Tribe is actually known for its very playful culture, and many of the games we play today can have their roots traced back from this tribe.

It is evident that both the Yoruba and Plato were on to something when it came to playing games…

Inspired by Plato and the Yoruba Tribe, Owiwi combined these philosophies to create a unique solution that offers greater insights than any other experience.

You see, Owiwi stands for “Owl” in the Nigerian dialect of the Yoruba people; and much in the same way that the owl sees things in the dark that others cannot, so can we “see” your skills and talents!

And that is exactly why Owiwi was created! To bring games into the forefront of corporate culture and to help “unlock” people’s potential; through play!

For those who don’t know us…

Owiwi is a FREE game-based assessment tool that measures a person’s Soft Skills (I.E Interpersonal Skills) through an immersive gaming experience where every interaction helps to shape a comprehensive Soft Skills profile; showcasing your strengths and areas of improvement to enhance your “employability” in your next job interview!

Now that you are a little more familiar with who we are and why we do what we do, we would like to familiarize you with our latest product and all its new attributes!

Owiwi 1.0

In the first version we were measuring 4 Soft skills: Adaptability, Flexibility, Resilience, Decision-making

In the extended version, we added 4 more skills ➡️

Owiwi 2.0 – What to expect

  • Re-designed UI with Progress Bar and Scenario Titles
  • Explore 4 new islands on the mystical Isles of the Shroud!

Veritas – Work Ethic

Veritas Island was once the centre for Science and Philosophy for the Somnian civilisation. It housed universities, laboratories, workshops and the islands pride and joy; the Seeker’s Observatory

Lumina – Accountability

Lumina Island was the sea-faring capital of Somnius and it was where most ships were built, where the fishing fleets would moor, and where the navy was stationed.

Morbida – Teamwork

Once the necropolis of the Somnian civilisation, Highborn members of Somnian society were buried there over the centuries in a city of tombs and crypts.

Alchimeia – Learning Agility

Alchimeia Island, the Somnian centre for medicine, a place of wondrous cures and mysterious experiments.

But wait! There’s more!

  • Discover the lore behind the Isles of the Shroud, its characters and its treasures; through the newly added “Journal” button
  • Enjoy our beautiful artwork without any UI elements in the way; through the newly added “View” button
  • Animations for a more immersive experience will be also be added soon!

Technical Features

  • Improved performance & security
  • Improved responsiveness across the board
  • Improved compatibility across different devices

Improved Candidate Experience

  • Certificate of completion to be provided to users who successfully complete all 8 Islands.
  • Upload your Certificate on your Linkedin profile and show recruiters what you are made of!
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  • Personalized advanced user report on completion of the assessment
  • See how you compare against other candidates through our norms/benchmarks
  • Review the evolution of your Soft Skills over time through the new “Experience graph” functionality

Improved Recruiters Experience

  • Completely revamped Dashboard design which you can now personalize with your logo and brand colours!
  • Supercharge your HR Metrics with additional Company and Candidate performance metrics
  • Ability to add multiple account administrators, with permissions; now available
  • Never miss a beat through our “LiveNotification Tab with alerts about admin and user actions that require your attention
  • Access to a wide array of Norms that are dynamically calibrated, to enable multi-layered candidate comparisons as well the ability to create custom norms for each “Job Position
  • Compare” Mode now allows you to quickly compare a large pool of candidates among themselves
  • Bundling capabilities now available! Select as many of the 8 skills you want candidates to take part in without offering a fragmented experience to candidates
  • Even greater flexibility when managing Candidate “Job Positions”. Admins can now:
    • Merge job positions
    • Delete candidates and/or job positions
    • “Move” candidates from one position to another
    • Set custom expiration dates per position
  • Additional Candidate and Job Position filter options
  • You can now Import Candidate Emails, as well as Export Candidate Results in CSV format
  • Bulkactions feature available for faster management

All about our launch

The new version initially will be available in BETA edition with exclusive access and perks for early adopters till the end of February.

You need only to signup to get in the queue and by inviting your friends you can “jump” ahead in the wait-list and play the game BEFORE everyone else!


Alternatively, book a call with one of our consultants here to learn more about how Owiwi can help with your talent acquisition efforts.