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Hiring For Cultural Fit: Why and How To Do It?

We’ve received a lot of feedback from our readers on a recently posted blog post about “Why should someone hire for Culture Fit?”. Now, we realized how “hot” the topic actually is, as we saw how many recruiters are also studying it. As Anja Zojčeska, a Human Resources Manager of TalentLyft did. We enjoyed reading […]

How to Hire Someone with a Growth Mindset?

The growth mindset theory was brought to prominence by Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychology professor, and in simple terms, labelling it suggests that “we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and to solve problems”. Rathlabelling people as smart or not, musical or not, good at math or not, talented or not, and so on, […]

Owiwi 2.0 – Everything you need to know!

What do Plato, the Yoruba Tribe and Owiwi have in common? Well, we all believe in the mantra of learning through play. As our kinsfolk Plato once said, you can learn more about a person in an hour of play, than a whole year of conversation…And truer words were never spoken. Yet Plato was not […]

Leveraging Social Media As A Hiring Tool

Social media is a powerful tool that has become increasingly present in everyday life. Individuals use these platforms to paint a portrait of who they are, as well as what their personal and professional interests are. Recruiters can tap into this pool of self-expression to find the best candidates possible- and, in recent years, are […]

How to Make the Most of Text Messaging in Your Recruitment Efforts

Have you started to use text for your recruitment process? When you want to reach the best candidates in your industry, you have to communicate in the ways that your recruits prefer. Text messaging allows you to reach a wide audience, and makes the recruitment process go faster. Once decide to use a text messaging […]

Find Top Talent by Adding Text Messaging to Your Recruitment Strategy

As a recruiter, there are always ways to improve your recruiting strategy. From learning how to craft a better email to adding in text messaging, your strategy needs to reach out to recruits in the ways they want to be contacted. SMS texting has become an essential way to reach a wide demographic of applicants. […]

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