Have you started to use text for your recruitment process? When you want to reach the best candidates in your industry, you have to communicate in the ways that your recruits prefer. Text messaging allows you to reach a wide audience, and makes the recruitment process go faster. Once decide to use a text messaging platform, it’s important to learn some key tips that will make texting a beneficial part of your recruitment strategy.

Be Mindful of Interruptions

Everyone carries their mobile phones wherever they go, and this means you will have the ability to reach potential job candidates just about anywhere at anytime. Your texts will be read within a few minutes, even when the recipient is out of the office. When you use texting to reach your recruits, you have to be mindful of interruptions. Just because you have the ability to reach your recruit in an instant does not mean you should be sending out messages throughout the day. Be mindful that your text messages can be disruptive and only send out messages that are necessary.

Know Your Audience

When you go to send message, always know who is going to receive your message. Take the time to create lists out of your subscribers, and don’t send out messages that aren’t useful to a recipient. Track personal information on candidates so that you begin building a relationship with your potential job recruits. The more personalized you can make each message, the more interested the recipient will be in what you have to say. When you send out messages that are too generalized, the recipient isn’t going to find it very useful.

Learn How to Use Automation

Learning how to use automation effectively is going to bring your recruitment efforts to the next level. When you set up texting automation correctly, you will reduce the amount of busywork you have to do. You will also avoid miscommunication and you won’t miss out on opportunities to connect with your audience. For example, you can send out an automated thank you email to a potential job recruit after they complete an intake form. Be careful that you don’t send out too many automated emails, as you will quickly annoy your audience.

Include Directions to Unsubscribe

Every time you send a marketing text, you have to include language that explains how to opt out of receiving messages from you. You can keep it simple by stating, “Reply STOP to stop receiving messages from our business”. If you don’t include language on how to opt out of receiving messages, you may be considered spam. It is not legal to send out text messages to people who have not agreed to receive messages from you. In addition, you have to remind recipients how to stop messages every time you send one out.

When you want your marketing efforts to become more streamlined, it’s time to implement text messaging. You will be able to save time on menial tasks through automation, and you will be able to ask potential job recruits for more information in an instant. When you use text messaging, always know who your audience is and craft messages that are relevant to the recipient. While you can reach a wide audience instantly, you don’t want to abuse this power. Pay attention to the number of texts you send out and be careful that you don’t saturate your audience. Text messaging is going to give your recruitment efforts a boost but you have to use it responsibly.