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5 Ideas on How to Apply Owiwi to Your Company

What’s Owiwi? Well it’s very unlikely that some of you won’t know the answer. Moreover, we are almost certain that the majority of you would give a better explanation than we would. But as we have newcomers every day, here is a short intro of us. Owiwi is a game-based assessment tool that measures a person’s […]

HR Tips: Giving Negative Feedback to Employees Constructively

No manager likes to deliver negative feedback to his employees. Its an uncomfortable situation to be in and many tend to worry about how the employee might react. But as they say “Feedback is a manager’s strongest tool, if used properly”. If given in a constructive and thoughtful way, negative feedback helps to increase employee […]

HR Tips: Ensure Your Employees Follow The Safety Policy

Everyone’s business experiences a health & safety problem at some point. So how about we go through the ways that you can make sure that your staff are aware of and actually adhere to your company’s health & safety policy? Health & safety is, for many, a chore. It involves paperwork, it sounds boring, and […]

Choosing the Owiwi soft skills

The use of valid and reliable employee recruitment and selection methods is one of the most critical human resource management functions, providing meaningful and measurable impacts in an organization. A study just published in the Academy of Management Review[1], the flagship journal of the largest scientific association of management scholars worldwide, has provided further evidence […]