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Leveraging Social Media As A Hiring Tool

Social media is a powerful tool that has become increasingly present in everyday life. Individuals use these platforms to paint a portrait of who they are, as well as what their personal and professional interests are. Recruiters can tap into this pool of self-expression to find the best candidates possible- and, in recent years, are […]

Do employers hire with soft skills in mind? Yes or No & Why?

Which are more important – soft skills or hard skills? This conversation has been going on for quite some time now. And it seems that, although there are some career paths that rely more on one of the two skills set, soft skills are in general considered necessary in the workplace – even for those […]

HR in Motion 2018: How You Can Survive in an Increasingly Competitive Environment

The human resources (HR) department was once viewed as a burdensome operational overhead. After all, how difficult can it be to post job advertisements, conduct an initial screening, prepare an employment contract, and act as a liaison between senior management and the workforce? C-suite executives paid little heed to the importance of having a vibrant […]