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Methods You Should Use to Monitor Your Employees’ Engagement

To start you must define employee engagement before you can measure it. It’s an abstract concept with rather a broad definition. Employee engagement is important if a business is to be successful. For some employers, employee engagement metrics might mean happiness in the job. For others, it could be satisfaction with the workload or the […]

Find Top Talent by Adding Text Messaging to Your Recruitment Strategy

As a recruiter, there are always ways to improve your recruiting strategy. From learning how to craft a better email to adding in text messaging, your strategy needs to reach out to recruits in the ways they want to be contacted. SMS texting has become an essential way to reach a wide demographic of applicants. […]

Candidate Selection: A Game of “Heads or Tails

If Heads, You’re Hired; If Tails, You’re NOT! May the odds be ever in your favour!   In his book “Good to Great”, a highly recommended read by most management professionals – Jim Collins refers to the concept of having the right people “on the bus”. He said that an essential prerequisite for the long […]