Hiring processes have developed far beyond the use of traditional techniques such as CV screening or a personal interview. If you want to recruit the best talent; these are simply not enough anymore.

In order to have an enhanced hiring procedure; the majority of today’s employers exploit the benefits of a wide array of tools – namely pre-employment assessment tools. Candidate assessment tools enhance recruiting processes, make them faster, inexpensive, and result in more accurate hiring judgement. Technology makes hiring decisions data-driven and fair.

However, the choice of candidate assessment tool shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, let’s have a look at the basic benefits that a solid tool should offer.

#1 Maximize Your HR ROI

There is no need to debate about how time-consuming hiring procedures are. Moreover, it’s cost ineffective, as vacant positions stay open for way too long. They say jobs that are posted online may stay open up to 90 days, and that’s not because of the lack of applicants as the number of resumes sent online on average is about 250 per position.

The application of pre-employment testing at the top of the hiring funnel narrows down the process and decreases the time spent for closing up the new hire. At the very least, it helps to exclude the so-called “spammers” or those who are sending out their resumes regardless if they are compatible to the role or not. As only the “serious” candidates will complete the test.

Lastly, long hiring processes cast out the candidates who are in high demand, as they will most likely accept other offers that will come first and in a smoother fashion. The efficiency that pre-employment tool provides to the hiring professionals is about decreasing time spent in interview, screening and the time to hire.

#2 Utilize Bundling Opportunities for Your Company Needs

Evaluating candidates skills is an essential part of the screening process – if you want to make a good hire. Pre-employment assessment tools provide this opportunity to the hiring specialists, regardless of the fact what kind of skills should be evaluated for the specific position. Some positions will be easy to cover by using the pre-built tests, however some will require more complex constructs to be measured; or to be flexible and adaptive to different use-cases in the same company through “Bundling” functionalities much like Owiwi offers. In this way, pre-employment tests can cover the needs of the most typical job position and at the same time also those that are out of the average market scope.

#3 Enhance Your Candidate Experience

Positive candidate experience is essential for the prosperity of the whole recruitment strategy and employer brand. Candidate hiring experience will be the first interaction an applicant will have with the company, and as we all know, first impression counts! It gives them them the feeling of what is to come, and to potentially expect in case they are hired.

Offering your candidates an engaging assessment process, that looks silk and sleek, adds an additional point to your employers brand. As a sequence, making your candidates your brand ambassadors.

#4 Get Instant Reports with Candidate Insights

Another perk of pre-employment assessments is candidate skills report that are generated instantly upon completion. They provide in-depth insights on the candidate profile and his/her compatibility with the specific role – and from the candidates perspective they receive feedback, showcasing how they can get better. With these reports in hand employers are able to take faster and more informed hiring decisions.

#5 Make Your Hiring Process Accurate & unbiased

Pre-employment assessments prevent biased decisions caused by human factor. They objectively assesses every candidate through the same lens, situations and questions after which it analyzes candidates’ responses to generate a report. This is one way to avoid any unfair judgement or bias that we humans are so susceptible to.

Wrapping up

Today’s talents are self-aware and highly demanding. In order to stand out and attract the best, recruiters need those five-star recruitment tech tools. Tools that make their lives easier and improve company’s recruitment strategy.

And if at this point you are realizing that your HR strategy does not include the above mentioned criteria, it’s the time to consider the Owiwi game-based assessments as the part of your enhanced HR strategy.

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