Following our previous blog post about how to apply Owiwi to your business, we decided to showcase what actually comes with it. In other words, we are going to reveal what advantages Owiwi tool brings into your HR strategy and company as a whole.

Why to apply Owiwi in your business?

All pre-employment assessment tools are made with a common goal to improve your organizations hiring process through prediction of candidates future behavior. But how are we different from the others?

In short, we help companies to identify stellar performers and improve the quality of hires by providing valuable insights into prospective candidates’ Soft Skills & Cultural Fit.

But let the numbers speak for themselves!

Advantages of Owiwi's Gamified Psychometric Test
What comes with the Owiwi tool

Having said that, we would like to give you some ideas on how to use our tool in order to enhance your company’s HR strategy overall.

# Make Better Quality Hires

Advantages of Owiwi - Gamified Psychometric Test

Owiwi’s assessment tool was created with an ultimate goal to help companies identify and recruit high stellar performers. In other words “TO HIRE ONCE”. That’s the way to decrease the employee turnover and as sequence to increase your HR ROI. Did you actually know how much a bad hire costs?

A recent survey shows a shocking statistic: nearly three out of every four employers say that they are affected by a Bad Hire. It’s reported that “75 percent of employers said they had hired the wrong person for a position, and of those who had a bad hire affect their business in the last year, one bad hire costs them nearly $17,000 on average.”

#Improve Employees Performance

Owiwi Gamified Psychometric Test

There is no single employer who would say “no” to improving his employees performance. So the question is “how to do that?”. The best place to start when you want to know how to improve employee performance is gaining an understanding.

Find out the root of their low performance, by including the Owiwi tool into the process of your annual employee appraisal. Based on the Owiwi report you will be able to understand what are the weak spots of your employees. That will give your the opportunity to identify which skills should be improved through the training or whether the employee should be moved to a position that fits more to his skills.

#Digitize Your Recruitment Processes

Advantages - Owiwi  Gamified Psychometric Assessment

Digitization of your recruitment processes opens a whole new world. It’s not just replacing the manual work with automated processes, it’s the transformation of the entire recruitment strategy.

By exploiting the Owiwi platform you will recruit better & faster, take your candidate experience to another level:

  • Personalized Recruiters Dashboard with advanced HR Metrics on Employee/Candidate performance
  • Live” Notification Tab with alerts about important admin and user actions
  • Talent pool management allowing “Bulk” actions
  • Import of Candidate Emails, as well as Export of Candidate Results in CSV format

But nothing speaks better, than a real case study. Have a look at how one of our clients Green2sustain managed to shift from manual CV screening to gamified pre-employment assessment process.

#Attract the Best out of Graduate Talent Pool

Advantages - Owiwi  Gamified Psychometric Testing

Hiring and assessing graduates without doubt need a special approach. Why? Because, the majority of graduates are the highly discussed millennials. They are the current and future workforce, so want it or not, being a recruiter you can’t avoid them.

Offer them the most engaging and immersive candidate experience and you will attract the best. Owiwi’s gamified assessment process changes candidates’ perspective on the recruiter. Owiwi doesn’t just offer them an unforgettable and stress-free evaluation process, it also gives them an access to the report, that reveals their strengths and weaknesses. As a result it also strongly adds up to our employers brand.

Check out what we achieved together with PwC Greece. They used Owiwi to build their fast-track development program, with a goal to identify and hire young professionals that meet their needs.

Summing up..

Above we mentioned some of the most common Owiwi tool utilization options, but we know that sky is the limit and more is yet to come. Every new client brings new challenges, with help of which we keep enhancing our tool.

As for now, Owiwi stands for:

  • Better quality hires
  • Recruitment cost reduction
  • Employee turnover reduction
  • Reduction of interview duration
  • Reduction of interview number
  • Time reduction for CV screening
  • Improved employers brand

Be ahead of the competition & trail-blaze recruitment industry with us.

Owiwi  Gamified Psychometric Assessment