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Redefining The Perfect Candidate

A few weeks ago I attended a LinkedIn Livestream hosted by Adway‘s own, Sara Dalsfelt, Senior Advisor of Digital Talent Acquisition; who sat down with William Tincup, Global HR Guru & President/Editor-at-Large at, to discuss recruiting and the unfounded fears of “Too Many Applications” and the never ending quest/challenge to find “The Perfect Candidate”. […]

Life at Owiwi: 412 days and counting…

Hello, my name is Sotiris and about one year ago I started working at Owiwi as a Lead Developer. One year later, I realized that this has been a dream come true. I met amazing people, learned a lot of new stuff and had the chance to work in an environment where people share the […]


Humans vs Machines: Guest Blog by Dimitra Darra Managing Director at TalenD Consultants “You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you’’. This is the pillar of Heraclitus Philosophy from 500 BCE and in today’s world it is more relative than it’s ever been. This world […]

Covid-19 Announcement – Stay Remote with our help!

On behalf of everyone at Owiwi, we wanted to share an important update with you on how we are addressing the challenges of the pandemic caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) which continues to evolve and cause disruptions in our day to day life.  Most important of all, we urge each and everyone one to remain calm […]